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I think I’m finally done! This is as much work as I can put into this project. We fly for Comic-Con tomorrow.

I was able to find a way to connect the tubes without drilling holes on the armor. I also ended up buying and painting a new pair of boots.

We are ready. Now it’s time to disassemble and pack it all up.

Must not forget to bring screw driver and to shave my head.

Sadly the boots did not take the repainting as well. For some reason, the rubber is reacting adversely with the red/violet paint I used. The surface has been tacky and sticky since I applied the paint yesterday afternoon.

I will need to find a solution to this problem. It’s 2 days till Comic Con. Oh noes!

So here’s the armor as of today. 5 days till Comic Con. I will need to repaint the gauntlets and the boots to match the trim of the armor. Speaking of the trim, Tron missed a minor detail, the front trim if the kilt is missing. There should be a violet stripe in the bottom. Oh well. No time to have it fixed now.

I also don’t have time to add the rubber pipes for the breathing apparatus. I’ll save those for Mark II.

I bit the bullet and decided to bring the armor to an Auto Body shop for a proper paint job.
I brought it to my old buddy Tron.

I originally met Tron when I needed some work done on my car earlier this year. And yes, I did pick his shop because of his cool name.

He did a great job! The armor looks amazing!

On a better note, I got a vinyl sticker of the logo done at the mall. They took my illustrator file vector and precision cut it out of vinyl. I think it came out great.

I really have to find a way to do the paint job right. Another option would be to apply intentional scuffing and battle damage. But Lex does not get battle damage. He’s a billionaire. He can replace this suit as soon as it gets a tiny scratch.

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